Shawl 100% silk hand-painted collection Zen Life!
Woven in Nepal by the organization Women Foundation -. Maheela Coop that helps battered women regain a quality of life
Beautiful texture woolen style, very soft, super fallen.
Hand washable.
Choice of colors (see chart) of black trees motifs, on the reverse color is slightly darker in shade reflection.
Finishing 2 ends with fringes.
Dimensions: 70 cm x 200 cm (28in x 80in)

Collection Zen Life! :
It is in the heart that the proof is the way of transformation.
And that the body is rooted in life …

It was a silk who dreamed of continuing his mission.
Born as a cocoon, she would become the jewel of the transformation of the butterfly.
Its original task is completed, this wonderful fiber wanted again and again to serve the birth of new lives.

Crossed by two cancers, the artist who had heard his wish also wished to express, share this lifecycle through its hand-painted silks.

Symbolizing the strength, the courage to withstand the weather and rooting in life, drawing essentially lives his trees invite to grow through and despite the trials.
We find ourselves in this little cocoon waiting to release our inner butterfly.

A parcel of life itself on silk.